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What We Do

Combating Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia
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What We Do


Educational Scholarships: Paladin mitigates the risk of children being trafficked by providing scholarships to keep them in school. This is the most effective method of protection and defense of vulnerable children.

Life Development Skills: Paladin, in collaboration with partner schools, teaches children anti-human trafficking education, swimming, water safety & survival skills, and English language proficiency.

Supply Distribution: Paladin delivers educational, medical, and food supplies to schools and villages to meet life development needs.


Operations: Paladin works with government and non-government partner organizations to design and implement rescue operations to free victims of human trafficking.

Training: Paladin team members participate in training exercises with government organizations to improve operational effectiveness.

Alliances: Paladin builds relationships and strategic partnerships with organizations to more effectively and efficiently combat human trafficking throughout Southeast Asia.


Employment: Through multiple business enterprises, Paladin opens opportunities for legitimate and sustainable employment to rescued human trafficking victims.

Education: Paladin’s scholarship program provides those at-risk of or exploited by human trafficking, significant opportunities to receive a high-school and college education.

Life Skills: Paladin, in collaboration with partner organizations, teaches life-skills training to include nutrition, health, work, substance abuse, violence prevention, communication, and problem solving.