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Combating Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia
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Who We Are

Paladin Rescue Alliance is an anti-human trafficking Non-Government Organization (NGO) dedicated to combating human trafficking in Southeast Asia. Paladin is recognized by both the United States government as a 501(c)(3) organization and the government of Thailand as a registered foundation. Paladin works across three pillars of Prevention, Rescue, and Aftercare to build freedom, hope, and a future for victims of human trafficking.

the paladin meaning

Protect, Advocate and Defend

Paladin means to be a defender and advocate for a noble cause. We are defenders and advocates for human trafficking victims. We are protectors and guardians of those ‘at-risk’ of exploitation and slavery, especially children. We use our skills and abilities to mitigate risk of human trafficking and increase opportunities for sustainable employment and educational achievement for vulnerable population groups.