P A L A D I N    R E S C U E    A L L I A N C E

Combating Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia

What we do

Paladin Rescue Alliance was established in 2016 with offices in Littleton, Colorado--USA and Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are committed to combating human trafficking locally in Colorado, nationally around the U.S., and internationally in Thailand and Myanmar/Burma.


Paladin conducts assessments of children and women in schools, communities, and villages in Thailand and Myanmar/Burma to identify those who are at-risk of being trafficked into the sex industry.

Paladin uses this information to design and Implement Prevention Programs to mitigate risk of sexual exploitation and slavery that allows children to complete their schooling and women to become self sufficient.


Paladin Conducts Rescue Operations to free victims from sexual exploitation and slavery. Working in conjunction with government and NGO anti-trafficking units, we design and execute both soft and hard target rescues. Soft target rescues use non-intrusive techniques such as outreach and interviews while hard target rescues use intrusive techniques such as forced entry raids.

Paladin rescue operations are designed for victims of all ages and circumstances as we believe all victims of sexual exploitation and slavery are entitled to freedom, hope, and a future

Paladin Provides Aftercare for rescued victims and support for at-risk children in our rescue home. We use a holistic Christian approach that provides a safe and loving environment for both short and long-term care of our residents.

We provide protection, counseling, education, job-skills training, and financial support that enables our residents to become self sufficient with dignity, respect, and self-worth.

No war can be won without allies. Paladin works diligently to Build Alliances with other organizations engaged in the war against human trafficking.These alliances include NGO's, Governments, and Provincial/Village leaders to enable Paladin to develop networks and infrastructure to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision.

               Focus Areas


United States
The United States is a destination and transit country for human trafficking into the sex industry.  Estimates suggest that between 14,000 – 17,000 women and children are trafficked to the U.S. each year. 

Women and children are forced into sexual exploitation through intimidation, violence, rape, and abuse to gain compliance.  Additionally, victims are lured into the sex industry under false premises including the promise of modeling or dancing jobs.  Oftentimes relatives including parents and siblings force or sell their children to traffickers.  

Segments of the population that are susceptible to being trafficked into the sex industry include runaways, foreign nationals, unemployed, homeless persons, and victims of domestic abuse.

Businesses engaging in sexual exploitation include massage parlors, escort services and online advertisements.  Residential brothels, hotels, and truck stops are often used as places for sexual exploitation of women and children.

Source: for more information on human trafficking in the United States please visit the Polaris Project website by clicking on the following link

Thailand is a major source, transit hub, and destination country for human trafficking into the sex industry.  Non-citizens including migrants and ethnic minorities are most at risk of being trafficked as travel documents, work permits, and registration cards are withheld to gain compliance.

Often children and young women from rural areas are forced to move to larger cities like Pattya, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai to find work in karaoke bars and massage parlors which are fronts for brothels.  Abuse, torture, and violence are used to gain compliance and victims are many times burdened with high debts preventing them from leaving the sex industry. Additionally, victims are brought across the border from Burma and Laos and forced to work in brothels.

Poverty, lack of education, and non-citizenship are the primary risk factors for victims of human trafficking.

Source: for additional information on Human Trafficking in Thailand, please click on the following link,

Myanmar/Burma is a source and transit country for human trafficking.
Men, women, and children throughout Burma are trafficked for both sexual and labor exploitation within the country's borders and to surrounding countries including China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, and Macau. Young girls are being trafficked into the sex industry in bordering countries. It's estimated that several thousand girls are being trafficked into the sex industry each year.
Burma is a transit country with victims being transported through Burma on their way to other countries including Malaysia and Thailand. Women and children are commonly trafficked from rural areas to border areas with trucking routes, mining areas, military bases, and fishing villages for forced labor and sexual exploitation.
The causes of trafficking include ethnic persecution, economic factors, human rights abuses, and the acceptable practice of forced labor of children. Lack of job opportunities, as well as, travel restrictions on women contribute to these causes as trafficker's promises of jobs and opportunity in neighboring countries lures residents into exploitative situations.

Source: for additional information on Human Trafficking in Burma/Myanmar, please click on the following link,