P A L A D I N    R E S C U E    A L L I A N C E

Combating Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia

Swim Team Missions Trip— these trips are specifically designed for college and high school swim teams to travel to Thailand for two weeks of Prevention work with Paladin.  The teams work with Paladin partner schools in the following provinces: Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, and Omkoi.  The work is specifically focused on teaching swimming lessons, water safety & survival skills, English language camp, and building playgrounds.

Education/Awareness Team— As a member of an education/awareness team you will participate in designing and delivering presentations on human trafficking in the U.S. and Southeast Asia. Presentations are provided to a variety of organizations including schools, churches, businesses, anti-trafficking NGOs, and community groups.

Marketing Team— The marketing team is involved in designing and implementing marketing programs to increase involvement with and commitment to Paladin. This includes advertising, brand awareness, and volunteerism.

Fundraising Team— The fundraising team works in conjunction with the marketing team to design and implement fundraising strategies to support the work of Paladin. This includes hosting events such as silent auctions and tournaments, writing and appling for grants, and developing corporate sponsorships.

Office Support Team— The office support team works to coordinate all the activities associated with the work of Paladin including communications, building and maintaining databases, website design, training, printing, writing success stories, reporting, and other related activities.